Joshua Lange

Data Analyst

Joshua Lange grew up in the business brokerage business. In the truck traveling between baseball games, he listened to his dad put deals together on his cellphone. After hundreds of how and why questions for pop, he developed an interest in the business brokerage industry.

Once he started going to college, he got more involved. Now he serves as the data analyst for Business Modification Group. He enjoys fitting numbers together by processing and interpreting tax returns and supplying vital financial information to buyers, sellers, and banks. It’s his job to get stakeholders the information they need to make accurate and timely decisions.

His experience as a college baseball catcher has set the foundation of discipline, leadership, and the value of teamwork.

He is currently attending the University of Florida, where he is pursuing his B.S. degree in business.

When he is not working or attending classes, he enjoys being on the family farm and spending time with his longtime girlfriend, Briana.