HVAC Business Sale Services

Patrick Lange and Business Modification Group specialize in the sale and acquisition of heating and air companies. Business Modification Group provides experienced and knowledgeable expertise in HVAC business sale services for companies in Florida, Georgia, and other surrounding areas.

Patrick has been recognized as an industry expert in the field of business brokerage. Also, he has earned awards for being the top broker in the region in terms of dollar volume of businesses sold.

As a result of seeing a need in the industry, we have chosen to specialize in the sale of heating and air companies. We combine specific knowledge of the industry as well as the ability to market these businesses. Moreover, we do this in an effective manner to help our clients achieve predictable results.

In addition to facilitating the sale of heating and air companies, we also provide other services. Together with sales services, we also offer pre-sales support. Business Modification Group also provides valuations for those who are interested in learning the current value of their business in the market. Additionally, we provide strategies to increase the potential selling price of your HVAC business. Above all, we want to help facilitate the purchase or sale of your HVAC business making it as seamless as possible.

“I don’t subscribe to the thought that there needs to be a winner and a loser in a business sale. Done right, both parties should walk away feeling good about the end result.”
-Patrick Lange, Business Modification Group Owner

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