How to Sell My HVAC Company in Nevada

Do you have an HVAC business in Nevada and are considering selling it?

Luckily for you, we know what it takes to sell an HVAC business in the state. Read on to learn about the 4 steps you should always follow to sell your HVAC company in The Silver State.

1. Create a thorough summary of your business and financials

While it can be tempting to want to spread the news of your HVAC company going on the market in Nevada, it’s best to keep things confidential as you work behind the scenes to get your business affairs in order.

The first thing you will need to do to sell your HVAC company in Nevada is complete a finance report containing these important numbers:

  • Annual Sales
  • Annual Profits
  • Recurring customers with maintenance agreements
  • Potential customer base
  • Growth expectations

Your accountant should be able to provide you with the data on your sales and profits, while your sales team or CRM contains data on customers. All of the compiled information will be used during a sales pitch to convince a buyer that your HVAC company in Nevada is the right investment for them. Make sure to bolster this hard data with other conversations and stories that may appeal to a buyer and be mindful of not sharing any confidential information over email.

2. Analyze current sales prices or HVAC companies in Nevada

Chances are, you’re not the only owner looking to sell their business. Check out some current local listings to give yourself an idea of how much to sell your HVAC company in Nevada for.

If you don’t know where to start, try BizBuySell or BizQuest and search for “HVAC company Nevada” on their website to see the most updated listings in the state. Always keep in mind that the list prices of these companies are not always what they are sold for. Be realistic and try to find listings similar to the specs of your business in terms of size, reputation, and potential growth to come to the best idea for a listing price.

Nevada is known for its dry, hot summers (with daily temps in the triple digits), meaning there is considerable market demand and room for growth in the state. If you ever need help selling your HVAC company in Nevada, get in touch with our HVAC broker.

3. License at least one professional at your HVAC company before you try to sell

You likely already know HVAC companies require licensed professionals to bid, contract, install or repair HVAC equipment. If you’re the only licensed professional at your company, someone else must receive their license quickly so a potential buyer can acquire a company that’s ready to operate.

In Nevada, licenses can be obtained through any office of the Nevada State Contractors Board

4. Get in touch with a Nevada HVAC broker

The easiest way to sell your HVAC company in Nevada quickly and for the price it deserves is by hiring an HVAC broker.

With a network of potential buyers, they will make the HVAC sales process a breeze.

Don’t leave the sale of your HVAC business to chance, get in touch now with an HVAC broker to sell your company in Nevada.

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