HVAC business


I have been self employed since 1997.

That’s 23 years of, “Eating my own cooking”.  That’s 23 years of success and failures that I had no one to point the finger at but me.

Those 23 years have been full of celebrations and sleepless nights. Until you have signed the front of someones paycheck, you have no clue of what stress really is. Being responsible for not only feeding your family and paying your own bills. But for someone else feeding theirs, I am certain has aged me several years.

That being said, I could not imagine it any other way.

When I have looked back at everything my wife and I have built and overcome along the way, I am proud. The reality is in challenging times like these, I am glad that I am self employed. Because I firmly believe as we work out the current situation, and we will work out of this situation, I am in the drivers seat. I control what my business and those I work with will look like 12 months from now. Do I get nervous, absolutely. However, I know if I keep working, it will get better, I AM BETTING ON ME and betting on HVAC business owners.

I have the pleasure of working with business owners every day. I am truly blessed to get to do that. This is why I’m betting on HVAC business owners.

Whether it is a company doing $5 million in sales in Atlanta, or a company doing $300,000 in sales in Tampa. The owners mentality is still the same. They didn’t like how someone else was doing something and they decided to do it their way. THEY BET ON THEMSELVES.

I am so confident as we begin to bounce back from this virus, it will be led by, and because of the small business owners across the country.

It will not be the huge corporations who are telling people what to do and when to do it. It will be the mom and pop shops across the country. They know that not only is their family counting on them, but so are others. We will be led by the people who have the faith to get up each morning and just go to work. To make it happen. I have said, and I will continue to say that we will look back when this is all over, and either be grateful of the work we did during the trying times, or will have regret that we missed opportunities.

As we continue to learn what the new normal is, and how it will impact not only our businesses but our lives, I am happy to bet on me.  I am also optimistic that thousands of small business owners across the county are betting on themselves as well.

I’m especially betting on HVAC business owners. I firmly believe that is what will lead us out of these troubling times.