Considering selling your heating and air company and not sure what to expect??? Below is HVAC Companies that have sold in the last 90 days.

Heating and Air Companies That Have Sold In Florida The Last 90 Days

Just for clarification, the first column are the company sales over the last 12 months. The next column is what they initially listed it for and the following column is what it actually sold for.  The list down column is what they were asking for a down payment, and the sold down is what they actually received as a down payment. The adjusted net column is what the owner made including adbacks and depreciation.  The final column is any FFE that was included in the sale such as trucks, vans, equipment etc..

Please keep in mind that for any list like this one, there is often more to the story;

  • The seller may have health issues
  • They may have personal issues
  • It may have been on the market awhile

Lots and lots of reason can affect selling price, I just included this to give you an idea of where it may sell based upon both gross and net income. You may perform your own search by visiting or contacting our office today.

If you have any question or are looking to either buy or sell a heating and air business please give me a call or send me a note, I am happy to help out any way that I can.